Data and programs

Data sets and Stata programs from my research.


Global Poverty Data in Stata and R

I have written several Stata programs for interacting with global poverty and inequality data from PovcalNet, which now are deprecated. These have been succeeded by PIP command/packages, available for Stata and R on Github.



Inequality Sensitive Projections of Poverty in Stata

Povsim is a  Stata command for simulating changes in welfare distributions and poverty under scenarios of growth and changes in inequality (growth incidence). It was developed as part of work on the paper "How Much Does Reducing Inequality Matter for Global Poverty?" (with Christoph Lakner, Mario Negre, Daniel Mahler) doi: 10.1007/s10888-021-09510-w . Journal of Economic Inequality. 2022. Santiago Garriga contributed to the implementation of the Stata Command. 



National Poverty Lines 

Our dataset on national poverty lines will be available shortly.